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  • ResponseSpectrum.m Creates the response spectrum, spectral values for a single period
    (requires includeFile.msdfL.m)
  • FourierAnalysis.m Fourier analysis of a ground motion: a) amplitude spectrum, b) inverse Fourier (reconstruct the ground motion combining amplitude and phase.
    (requires includeFile.m)
  • RecordParameters.m Find various record parameters (i.e. Arias intensity, Husid plot, CAS, Spectral Intensity, PGA, PGV, PGD)(requires includeFile.m)
  • RunSDOF.m Response history analysis of a bilinear SDOF oscillator
    (requires includeFile.mForceDelta.m).
  • functions:
    ReadRecord.m Use this to read a ground motion record (accelerogram). Various formats are supported (e.g. NGA, European Ground motion database).
    sdfL.m Response history analysis of a linear SDOF (single-degree-of-freedom) oscillator. Use this also this to get spectral values (acceleration, velocity, displacement) for a single period.
    sdfNL.m Response history analysis of a bilinear SDOF (single-degree-of-freedom) oscillator.
    spectrum.m Obtain response spectra (acceleration, velocity, displacement) (requires sdfL.m)
  • auxiliary scripts and files:
    includeFile.m  clear the memory, read the record (requires
    ForceDelta.m  bilinear force-displacement law with kinematic hardening directory with ground motion records used in includeFile.m (you have to unzip it)
OpenSees Frame Viewer


This is a smart Matlab script for viewing an OpenSees model.
Just output your model using the OpenSees “print” command and postprocess it with the scripts here provided.Download files here
Find instructions here