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Reliability and Risk Assessment of Structures & Systems

Universite Paris Est
Universite Gustave Eiffel


The course offers the fundamentals of structural reliability analysis to early-stage researchers and PhD students. The successful competition of the course will give to the audience the ability to apply reliability assessment methodologies on real-life structural engineering problems. The students will be able to carry out high-level research on the subject with some small additional effort. The emphasis is on the reliability assessment of structures (e.g. buildings and bridges) but also on systems, such as lifeline networks. Some prior knowledge of structural analysis, reliability and statistics is desirable. The presentation slides, will serve as class notes. The duration of this doctoral course is 6 weeks.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 Wednesday 9 September Revision of Probability Theory & Statistics
Lecture 2 Tuesday 15 September Random Variables & Structural Safety
Lecture 3 Wednesday 23 September Simulation Methods
Lecture 4 Wednesday 30 September Reliability of systems
Lecture 5 Wednesday 7 October Fragility and Risk Sssessment
Lecture 6 Friday 9 October Machine Learning Methods in Structural Reliability